2021 Retreat Schedule

Residential Retreats

Walking the Path of Wisdom & Awakening

Insight /Vipassana Meditation Retreat
March 12th - 18th 2021

Teacher: Ellen Davison assisted by Jen Ireland
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay

This Retreat is an opportunity to stop and enter the stillness that brings forth our innate wisdom, equanimity and connection with all of life, particularly in difficult times.

This retreat will include meditation instructions on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and the Anapanasati Sutta: the body, feelings, mind and dharmas plus meditation periods of sitting and walking, Dharma talks, mindfulness work periods, individual and group interviews.

Flyer (PDF): Walking The Path of Wisdom and Awakening Flyer March 2021

Registration Form (Doc): Path of Awakening Rego 2021

For further information and bookings: email vjwight(at)gmail.com

A 6 day silent Insight/Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Friday September 10th - Thursday September 16th
Teachers: Ellen Davison and Radha Nicholson
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay

This September Retreat will now be offered on-line due to the current Covid regulations in NSW. 

The on-line program will consist of a structured timetable with periods of meditation. There will be instructions from the Anapanasati Sutta and also instructions on the four postures, sitting, walking, standing and reclining, guided meditations, inquiry, Q&A, and dharma talks. 

The retreat offers an ideal opportunity for established meditators to deepen their practice and for those new to meditation to experience a valuable but gentle introduction to silent meditation and the Dharma teachings in a welcoming, supportive environment.

For further retreat information and bookings please email: radha nicholson(at)gmail.com

Freedom-of-the-Heart-2021-On Line retreat


Hazy Moon Spring Sesshin (Zen Retreat)

Friday September 24th – Thursday September 30th
A 6 day Zen Sesshin (Zen retreat)
Teachers: Ellen Davison and Rachel Whiting

Venue: Mullumbimby

This sesshin will now be offered online due to current COVID restrictions. 

Online sesshin consists of Zoom group zazen, private zazen periods, walking meditation, teisho (dharma talks), and online 1-1 interactions with a teacher. Online sesshin is quite flexible to meet you’re at-home needs. The only essential sessions are the 9am Meditation Instructions and the 3pm Teisho 

This 6 day sesshin will allow and encourage participants to settle deeply into the silence and stillness within and to explore the deeper questions and issues which often arise in the course of one’s life. Ellen is a Roshi in the Diamond Sangha lineage and has been leading sesshin in Australia for over 17 years.

For further information contact Colin on (02) 66891614 or email: nimbinensis(at)hotmail.com

Zen Online Sesshin Poster 2021

Download Registration Form here

Non-Residential Retreats

Two day Zen Meditation Retreat

Saturday March 27th - Sunday March 28th
A two day non-residential retreat of Zen Meditation
Teachers: Ellen Davison and Rachel Whiting

Venue: Kuan Yin Meditation Centre

Inquiries:: Colin at nimbinensis(at)hotmail.com

Two day Insight/Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Saturday August 28th – Sunday August 29th
A 2 day non-residential Insight/Vipassana Meditation Retreat
Teachers: Ellen Davison and Matt Currie

Venue: Kuan Yin Meditation Centre

Contact: Rosie on 0402682925

2-day online retreat

A 2-day online retreat
Saturday 13th November & Sunday 14th November
Teacher: Patrick Kearney

This retreat has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Patrick has over 30 years in meditation experience and teaches retreats throughout Australia. Patrick emphasises the importance of developing independence in practice throughout the dynamics of meditation and the theory that guides it.

Contact: sonyanourse(at)hotmail.com

Insight Meditation Retreats