Insight, Vipassana and Zen Meditation Traditions

Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, located in Lismore NSW, supports both Insight (Vipassana) and Zen meditation traditions.

The Centre was established by Subhana Barzaghi, a teacher in both the Zen and Insight (Vipassana) traditions. The Dojo was purpose built by Subhana as the first Zen Temple in Australia.

The Kuan Yin Insight Meditation group meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:40pm. The program includes sitting and walking meditation, guided meditations, interviews, and Dharma talks and discussions under the guidance of Ellen Davison.

Ellen is an Insight Meditation teacher and also a Zen teacher in the Diamond Sangha lineage established by Robert Aitken Roshi in Hawaii.

The Zen group meets on Monday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30pm and includes guidance and instruction on Zen practices, chanting, Dharma talks and discussion. Individual interviews are also available.

The Kuan Yin Meditation Centre premises are also available for use by other meditation and yoga groups.

The Centre is co-ordinated by a committee who also organise monthly mornings, days and non-residential weekends of Mindfulness meditation. These are usually on thesecond or third Saturday or Sunday of the month.